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Dental Course training, Short Dental Course Training,Long Dental Course Training, Diploma in Dental Assistant, Diploma in Dental 3 Years, Diploma in Dental 4 Years, BDA Dental Course.

Dental courses of HRTD Medical Institute: Dental course, BDA, Bangladesh Dental Association, Certificate in Dental Course, Diploma in Dental Assistant, Diploma in Dental Course, Diploma in Dental. All dental courses are available in HRTD Medical Institute. 
Below Image: Dr. Sanjana, BDS, Dental Surgeon, HRTD Medical Institute, Mirpur-10, Dhaka-1216.

After completing a dental course you can establish a dental chamber in your locality or any where in Bangladesh. If you have money problem, you can take a job in a dental chamber or a dental clinic. 

Below Image: Dr. Nurunnahar Keya, BDS, Dental Surgeon.

                                        Dr. Nurunnahar Keya,BDS, PGT

                                            HRTD Medical Institute

Please look at our video classes

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Below Image: Anatomy of Gingiva. 

Below Image: Dental Pulp.

Below Image: Dental Papilla. 



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